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Is responsible for all game record keeping and time keeping in line with the appropriate rules. (CHA, ASHL, 3on3, YHL).  Responsible for the operation of the game clock.  Responsible for the recording and entry of game statistics and points.

Typical Duties

  • Inspect and set up the game clock for each game.
  • Inspect and set up “Pointstreak” (where equipped) for each game.
  • Audit game sheets to the actual players on each team.
  • Ensure all players and coaches have signed the appropriate game sheet.
  • Operate the game clock in line with the established rules for the game, following the instruction of on-ice officials (referee).
  • Ensure the score sheet is completed accurately
  • Support the on-ice officials in administrative areas.
  • Ensure game sheets are properly filed with the game office.
  • As appropriate – prepare for the next game.
  • As appropriate – end of day procedures.


  • Will complete and invoice River Cree Sports for services in line with established procedures.
  • Will report all occurrences in line with established procedures.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Strong knowledge in all the rules of Hockey
  • Knowledgeable in the duties with respect to score and time keeping
  • Strong computer skills / keyboard skills (data entry).
  • Legible hand writing

Note:  For Score/Timekeepers involved with vulnerable persons activities, a Police Background Check and Clearance is needed.